From Clients:

Joyce ~  Auto-immune disease with rheumatoid arthritis

I’ve hardly had any flare-ups at all in my arthritis in so long, and when it does come, it’s much milder.  I’ve come such a long way since the beginning when I could barely move at all and everything hurt!  For the first time in a very long time, my right knee is normal!”

Evy ~  Fibromyalgia with migraines and an injured shoulder

“When I started seeing you, it was a real turning point. I feel like my life is do-able now – I feel human again.  My migraines really started subsiding, my pain is a lot better, and my shoulder is a lot better; I don’t have to have surgery now!  You helped me so much. I’ve told so many people how amazing the cranial process is!”

Avon ~  Hip replacement with lower back and knee issues; headaches

“Suresha is a rare and exceptional integrative healing professional. Her years of study and experience provide clients with cranial balancing that is unique and effective.”

Barry ~  car accident with three ruptured discs in his neck

“Suresha’s work was instrumental in my being ale to avoid major surgery. It’s fantastic!”

Chris ~  Torn hamstring, pulled shoulder muscles from dancing

“I just wanted you to know how much better I feel after just one session with you!”

Terry ~  Recovering from liver disease

“Suresha is one of the finest massage therapists I have ever worked with. The range of techniques she employs is broad and her understanding of the human body on both a physical and energetic level in my opinion, is masterful.

Suresha is a person of highest integrity whose sense of honesty and fairness is surpassed only by her compassion and concern for other people. I have been working with her on a regular basis since 1990 and hold her in the highest regard.”

Keith ~  Herniated disc

Suresha was instrumental in finding 100% relief from my problemsHer insight, knowledge, and experience with back problems of her own helped me to avoid surgery.”

Lee ~  PTSD / stress

“I had a lot of stress in my life and (the cranial session) settled my nervous system.  I felt a lot of peace and my heart felt really good.  I’d told you that I had a lot of tension in my head and later that night I felt my sinuses relax.”

From Employers:

Dr. Roy Forest
“There were many instances when no other therapy had helped certain patients as well as countless times where Ms. Hill’s  therapy supplemented my work as well. I have found her to be of a measurable value performing somatic therapy and reeducation.”

Ken Chan
“She’s demonstrated exemplary skill, knowledge, and nurturing attention to her craft. I recommend her without qualification.”

Charles H. Grieve, P.T.
“I have found her work to be exceptional. She is a professional, reliable, trustworthy and conscientious person.”

Dr. Steven Katz
“She quickly became an expert practitioner of neuromuscular reeducation using Somatic therapy. The result was deep work that reactivates, releases, and balances. Many of our patients benefited from her treatment. She was a delight on one hand, serviceful on the other, and well-loved by patients on top of it.”