Benefits of Somatic Education

Every type of well-being, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, happens through the body. However, what happens in the body will be according to its programming or conditioning unless we guide and shape its responses. Your body listens and communicates in different ways than your mind does. It’s extremely sensitive and responsive once you develop a relationship with it and become attentive to its signals – like in any relationship you care about.

Somatic Intelligence describes all the levels your system communicates on in detail and offers many ideas on how to tap into them. One you’ve gotten the conversation started and speak the same language as your systems do, this new relationship helps your body to both prevent and recover from stiffness, soreness, physical pain, emotional pain, and so much more.

Somatic education – whereby you connect with your body and learn to use it more fully – has been in practice in Europe and the U.S for over 60 years, but the benefits of self-sensing and sensory awareness span centuries. The pioneers of this sensory awareness work are the forefathers of dance, theater, psychotherapy, physical education, movement therapy, Feldenkrais, Gestalt Therapy, and more. Every thing you do improves with the implementation of somatic intelligence principles.