Healing into the Heart of Death

The transition out of the body at the end of its life is one of the most powerful experiences of this life, second possibly only to arriving into the body at birth. Both are miracles of Existence that creates and transmutes forms in ways that are both mysterious and magnificent, painful and glorious, astonishing and intimate. Having lived a life in an average neighborhood in Ohio that organized around death by holding a brief wake followed by a funeral that lowered a casket into the ground, I was stricken by the grief and finality of the loss. It had become so unbearable after the death of my father that I avoided all wakes and funerals thereafter.

Sabryna cover 3A few years later the process would become transformed in my eyes, heart and beiSabryna back coverng, after witnessing death in India, in the presence of a living spiritual master. Slowly I braved the territory again on Western soil with a friend who passed away from cancer and had also spent time in India. She wanted to experience her death consciously and made preparations in advance with her spiritual community. Facing it head-on for the first time after having my heart open around it in India was immensely beautiful and left an impression that flowered into a hard-to-express sweetness in the deaths that followed, including that of my mother.

The most surprising one was the most recent, when my daughter’s cat ‘died’ with a process that was so similar to earlier transitions I had to write about it. It became very clear that the transition was one from one form of life to another more subtle form, that when entered into consciously released the grieving process immensely, and in fact was more of a healing for all involved.  If you’d like to read the love-filled stories about how learning to let-go into the arms of Existence as the spirit leaves the body, just shoot me an email (info@neurosomatics.info) and I’ll be happy to send you a pdf at no cost.

I’ll mail a hard copy to you for $9.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling. It’s also available to order on Amazon. I trust you will enjoy if not marvel at the stages and wonders that can be realized with a slight shift in perspective on this very fundamental aspect of our lives.