Somatic Intelligence ~ Volume 6

Opposing Gravity ~ How to Recognize and Recover from Head Injuries

( from a patient’s perspective )

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Head injuries are unique. They are only recently being understood and diagnosed more effectively with the new-ish scans that are available to detect which nuclei have been impacted. Prior imaging by MRI or CAT scans would have missed what a SPECT scan will detect. Along with more detailed diagnostics, a field of professional treatment protocols have emerged that include manual therapies, cognitive and behavioral therapies, nutritional and supplement support, and several types of exercise that can all help the brain restore normal functioning. Head injuries impact the brain in ways that can reach into many different systems and produce a wide range of symptoms that can easily be misunderstood or attributed to other causes. ADD, dyslexia, speech impediments, headaches, sleep disturbance, mood and behavior changes, nausea, loss of balance or spatial disorientation are just a few of the possible after-effects.

Car accidents and sports are major causes, but falls are the most common reason that young people hurt their heads, and unfortunately because children and teens have so much energy, it’s easy to miss or to dismiss their symptoms. I’ve been in each category of injury, whereby I fell down the stairs more than once as a child, received sports injuries during martial arts, and had car accidents and more falls as an adult. Fortunately, by the time I was an adult and the symptoms were compounding upon themselves, more treatment options were also available so that professional intervention could turn my life around. I was also fortunate to have taken up meditation, music and a spiritual practice along the way which gave tremendous support to the brain when treatment options were absent. Curiosity led to classes and the ability to more deeply understand and treat my own system, the results of which I’ve shared in this text. I hope that many who’ve suffered needlessly from misunderstood or undiagnosed brain injury will benefit from the information shared here, saving time, money, and years of preventable discomfort.

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Somatic Intelligence – Volumes 4 and 5

“What Your Body is Dying for You to Know” and
“The Conversation Every Body Wants to Have with You”



Every type of well-being, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, happens through the body. However, what happens in the body will be according to its programming or conditioning unless we guide and shape its responses. Your body listens and communicates in different ways than your mind does. It is extremely sensitive and responsive once you develop a relationship with it and have become attentive to its signals – just like in any relationship you care about. Volume 4 identifies the main structures and functions – anatomy, physiology, energetic systems, thought, emotions – that are involved in the process of influencing how your body reacts or responds. It starts you off into several exercises of sensitizing you to the proprioceptive system that is the most involved in transmitting and receiving information. They’re very simple, easy, and fun.

Somatic Intelligence Volume 5 briefly describes all the levels your system communicates on in detail and offers many ideas on how to tap into them. It is chock full of exercises for each joint and region of your body, then describes movements and principles of integration so your body learns to wake up into functioning as a whole. Once you’ve gotten the conversation started and speak the same language as your systems do, this new relationship helps your body to both prevent and recover from stiffness, soreness, physical pain, emotional pain, and so much more.

Somatic education – whereby you connect with your body and learn to use it more fully – has been in practice in Europe and the U.S for over 60 years, but the benefits of self-sensing and sensory awareness span centuries. The pioneers of this sensory awareness work are the forefathers of dance, theater, psychotherapy, physical education, movement therapy, Feldenkrais, Gestalt Therapy, and more. Every thing you do improves with the implementation of somatic intelligence principles. The books are for the lay person, teachers and hands-on professionals alike, and you are welcome to forward any questions you have via email: Both versions of these books are also available through Amazon vendors:; Volume 4 through Amazon is only available in the black & white version, but do call (415) 457-0283 if you prefer color. This book is most helpful for those who want to enhance their self-sensing abilities and understanding about how the body works:


Somatic Intelligence ~ Volume 7

“You Are the Fulcrum – Using the Conscious Language of the Body to Heal”

is now available through Amazon, on site in Marin County, or by mail if you call (415) 457-0283. This is a very potent book! It will change your life in positive ways and always have the power to improve your relationship with your body, your self, and the experiences you encounter. It sells for $28.95 paperback, and $15 for an ebook/pdf.

It can:

  • increase understanding about what shapes and forms our bodies and minds
  • increase awareness about unconscious decisions that impact everything
  • help bring the subconscious parts of us to the table to renegotiate
  • enliven the ‘frozen’ or ‘dead’ parts of our bodies, lost to habits, scar tissue, or emotional blocks
  • offer several insights into the kinesthetic language of how the body communicates
  • offer tools to help you communicate with your body using that language
  • show you step-by-step how to discern what ‘balanced neutral baseline’ feels like in your body
  • teach tools how to use that baseline as a guide for when something is going away from balance so you can bring it back
  • help you avoid pain, stiffness, and set ups for strain patterns or injury
  • get you through the day with much more ease, energy, and fun
  • help you to tune into the more subtle areas of functioning that make you feel whole and complete
  • help you settle your mind and nervous system into a quiet, calm zone


“You’ll definitely want to read this book. So many of us ask ourselves why we’re still in pain, why we’re so mentally and emotionally off-balance, why we can’t get a hold of our life in various ways. This book is a rich tapestry of information which dives deeply into our stressors, injuries, and body systems from cells to organs to brain functioning which contribute to our lack of health and well-being and how we might be able to re-assemble ourselves. Even as we seek help from medical and alternative therapies, we need to go inside and expand our internal awareness and develop greater sensitivity with honest self-discernment. It takes self-seeking and practice. You only have your health and well-being to gain. It’s worth it!”
Susan Koenig, Hanna Somatic Educator and Instructor

“Suresha’s unique gift is to provide a thorough account of how a somatic educator looks at the world, while telling of her personal journey to health and well-being. This book is a treasure trove of accessible information for the healing arts practitioner and their clients. It gave me many insights into the nature of my own work and what is possible for those who seek guidance, and I’m sure it can be for you and for those you love.”
Allison Post, co-author of The Gut Wellness Guide

I have had the privilege of having Suresha Hill offer recommendations from her book to help me heal perennial discomfort I have dealt with for quite a while. Using the wise suggestions from her book, the problem has gone away completely, and, more importantly, I have begun to develop practices from reading her book that will benefit me for the rest of my life. She offers many healing practices for the lives we seek to live.”
Cliff Berrien, Curator of Contemplative Practices, Center for Action

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                                                                     NEW RELEASE!

                                                                                                          Somatic Intelligence – Volume 8

Movement is Medicine – The Potential for Self-Renewal Is in Your Bones”

This book dives into how we are made, and how the body tells itself what to do. More importantly, it describes how we can become a part of this intricate messaging system and why it’s important that we do so if we want to stay healthy. Pioneers on the subjects of manual therapy (Osteopathy) and somatic education (Movement practices) are presented and their theories finally validated by modern research – it describes the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ any of these approaches work. There are very valuable chapters for anyone planning to have children on how to protect the fetus from disruptions in the growth process that can lead to health issues for a lifetime. These same self-care suggestions apply to the well-being of any adult who would like to avoid major, chronic health issues from developing at the cellular level. The embryological perspective is a key feature in offering suggestions for how to approach restorative changes, because the messaging that happened at the time the body was being formed is still in tact and has a profound influence on regulating everything that happens in our system. Amazingly, the bones play a major role in these processes, as does the skin – hence the inclusion for how optimizing their function in touch and movement practices can change the way our genes express themselves. It is inspiring and motivating to realize how much influence we can have over our bodies by understanding the information offered in this text.

“From cover to cover, this book is incredibly detailed and informative as well as very reader-friendly. It is sure to keep both professional and lay readers engaged throughout. I felt like I learned something new on every page, either with new information or with new ways of understanding or linking old information. A must- read for anyone interested in optimal health and well-being for themselves or their patients.” John Loupos, M.S, H.S.E.; Author of “The Sustainable You – Somatics & the Myth of Aging” and of “Tai Chi Connections.”

“Movement is Medicine” is a full and rich view of human development from beginning to end, with research in cellular biology, nutrition, epigenetics, and movement. What is exciting about this book is that it opens up realms of healing potentials giving the living participant the tools, options, knowledge, and inherent gifts of Nature to be able to reach their full healing ability and longevity. I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more on the path to self healing and natural, conscious living.” Charmaine Larsen, Yoga and Meditation teacher

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