Somatic Intelligence – Volume 5 (Paperback)

Somatic Intelligence – Volume 5 (Paperback)


Our modern society has mainly focused on one type of intelligence, although there are others that are just as fundamental to our health and well-being. Somatic, or body intelligence, is one of them. How many times has that ‘last straw’ for your body’s breaking point caught you by surprise?  There are simple ways to avoid the small symptoms morphing into something major. Being able to listen and respond to your body’s signals from within its own communication system is invaluable for this and many other reasons.



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Chronic pain plagues hundreds of millions of people daily in the U.S. alone, the majority of which is preventable. Our modern society has mainly focused on one type of intelligence. although there are others that are just as fundamental to our health and well-being. Somatic, or body intelligence, is one of them. Although we use our bodies constantly, including physical activities like yoga, pilates, and sports, we are rarely taught to experience ourselves from the other side of the looking glass - from within. I am one of those people.

As a dancer, athlete, martial artist and manual therapist, until I trained in a somatic education course that included self sensing, I was oblivious to the inner world of proprioception. It has transformed not only my physical life and emotional life, but those of all the thousands of clients I've subsequently worked with. It also greatly supports my spiritual life. It’s an invaluable journey that continues to heal, balance, integrate, and amaze.  Once you've developed mindfulness in your connection to your body you will easily learn:

How to Release Each Major Muscle in Your Body in 5 Minutes or Less

This opportunity to experience your body in new ways promises to more fully awaken, balance, integrate, and strengthen you with deepened self-awareness sense abilities. The levels of well-being that arise from somatic re-education and inner standing will open doors to both your somatic and emotional intelligence.  Once you've developed a clearer relationship with your body and know how it communicates and responds with your input, any area of tension in the major muscle groups will release in under five minutes - more likely two or three minutes.

What People are Saying:

“Somatic Intelligence” embodies the wisdom, tools and principals to tap into the universal field and the inner world of awareness of body/mind, the now and future of medicine, awakening the healer within! Written for professionals and lay persons as well, it is a living, breathing gift to humanity. Suresha's wisdom gift has many times over assisted my own healing, transformation, teaching and healing practice. A blessing Indeed.”  ~  Shahido Kempter, B.S., M.S., Encinitas CA Pilates teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

“In striving for wellness & self-awareness, we must learn to listen to our inner voice. This well-researched, easy-to-implement treatment plan helps us to gain access to this deeper realm to of what it means to be human.”  ~  Dr. M. Lindauer

“Adding Neuromuscular rehabilitation to my skill set has enhanced not only my efficacy as a massage practitioner, but also given my yoga teaching added dimension.  Combining yogic based awareness practice into my bodywork, including neuromuscular therapy has furthered that discipline as well.  They are well suited for one another.”   ~  Mark Kahn, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist