Somatic Intelligence – Volume 4 (Paperback)

Somatic Intelligence – Volume 4 (Paperback)


This opportunity to experience your body in new ways promises to more fully awaken, balance, integrate, and strengthen you with deepened self-awareness sense abilities. The levels of well-being that arise from somatic re-education and inner standing will open doors to both your somatic and emotional intelligence. There is little in life that is more important than developing an intimate relationship with your body. It holds the keys to everything else that happens and to how good you feel while it’s happening.

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Chronic pain plagues hundreds of millions of people daily in the U.S. alone, the majority of which is preventable. Our modern society has mainly focused on one type of intelligence. although there are others that are just as fundamental to our health and well-being. Somatic, or body intelligence, is one of them. Although we use our bodies constantly, including physical activities like yoga, pilates, and sports, we are rarely taught to experience ourselves from the other side of the looking glass - from within. I am one of those people.

As a dancer, athlete, martial artist and manual therapist, until I trained in a somatic education course that included self sensing, I was oblivious to the inner world of proprioception. It has transformed not only my physical life and emotional life, but those of all the thousands of clients I've subsequently worked with. It also greatly supports my spiritual life. It’s an invaluable journey that continues to heal, balance, integrate, and amaze.

Quotes from Readers:

“An ambitious and sweeping  survey  of spirit and cellular grit that can help ALL students of the body, whether professionals or ‘explorers’ to understand the many factors that allow us the freedom to have more control over our destiny than we were ever lead to believe.  I know of no other book that weaves the historic view with the latest research in biochemistry, neurobiology and electricity to help us understand the fullness of our biological embodiment in the light of transcendent experience.”    ~   J. Olivier, founder - Institute for Conscious Bodywork

“Suresha Hill brilliantly presents how ancient healing values can cross-pollinate with modern day science. Her explorations and research into the dimensions of somatic intelligence are an elegant synthesis of sincere inquiry. Her book is truly an inspirational guide to anyone who is ready to change from the inside out.”    ~   Hasso Wittholdt-Mueller, Hp. German Naturopath & Health Coach


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The First 3 Volumes

Many have asked about the earlier volumes since the ones now available are Volumes 4 and 5.  Volumes 1 through 3 are no longer in print and were written for students of NeuroSomatic Integration™.  Much of the theory and principles behind why the techniques work that were in the first volume are included in volume 4, without the descriptions of the techniques themselves that would be intended for those wanting to learn in more detail. These current volumes are for the lay person who wants to take better care of themselves, for hands-on practitioners who want to incorporate these methods into their own work, and for athletes who want to improve their performance.